Francesco Burattini was born in Ancona in 1994. After obtaining a BA in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, he decided to continue studying at the same academy. Following a series of group exhibitions held in different Italian cities in June 2020, he inaugurated his first solo show, Everyone needs a first time at PXL MAD in Hassel, Belgium. 

In 2021 he graduated in Contemporary Art Management, presenting as his final project a research thesis focused on the concept of "artist as the curator" accompanied by an interview with Darren Bader.


Burattini has a strong interest in the analysis of the dynamics of the space and how the different elements can interact and appear, which is expressed in his works with the special attention paid to the functional properties and aesthetic of the objects that he selects for the realisation of the final pieces – my process is rooted in the pop culture of the '90s, my childhood, and vaguely recalls nostalgic aspects of that decade. Attentive to all those aspects of everyday life that often go unnoticed, Francesco reinterprets individual factors that exert particular fascination, creating new imagery that can be seen from various points of view. 

The artist analyses domesticity and explores more complex relational dynamics, such as those of the urban periphery, giving life to pictorial and installation art compositions as actual celebrations of stories that the objects themselves have to tell. The suburbs are the protagonist of the work 841 DWI, and the place of interest here is the construction site: "the painting maintains the cornerstones of my pictorial practice – it's a composition that draws inspiration from graphic layout, focusing on the balance of complementary colours, the use of broken elements and is consequently composed of multiple planes''. 

In each of his works, the artist inserts a detail that subtly reveals the origin of the compositional idea, which in this case is the title. 841 DWI was written on a sign hanging at the construction site entrance that attested to 841 days without injuries - the number of days spent without having suffered accidents at work.


Text by Laura Pieri


841 DWI, 2021

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