Lorenzo Conforti (b. 1996) was born in San Severino Marche. He holds a bachelor degree in Decoration Arts from the Urbino Academy. In 2019 he founded together with Andrea Luzi and Vittorio Zeppillo an installation writing project called Hardchitepture. He took part in a show entitled “Nei sogni cominciano le responsabilità” curated by Alberto Zanchetta at Galleria Adele Cappelli, Accademy of Fine Arts Urbino (2021); “Surprize II”, curated by Umberto Palestini at the Centro Arti visive La Pescheria Di Pesaro (2020) and “30 x 30 - a collective exhibition” curated by the artistic collective Vidakrei in collaboration with the Talesofart gallery at the Spazio Vidakrei di Ferrara (2019).


Lorenzo Conforti has an unconventional approach to pictorial gestures. While studying at the Urbino Academy, he began to divide his research, probing new techniques that led him to experiment with painting on canvas technique in addition to the wall painting. For Lorenzo, the wall always remains a more accessible and disinterested opportunity to experience the form and the writing. At the same time, the sacredness of the canvas allows him to study and deepen more intimate and emotional aspects.

Despite this division of practices, the two often meet and influence each other. The canvas is contaminated by spray paint, a typical medium of the street World, and Lorenzo leaves quick and decisive marks stylistically attributable to signing.

Conforti dedicated part of his studies to calligraphy that made him understand how writing is not only a sign but a form composed of rhythmic emptiness and fullness.

Conforti's most recent paintings distance themselves from earlier experimentation. The painting presented at the Fair is the breakthrough painting of his pattern, not so much stylistically but rather conceptually. Autochimerico is a reflective starting point on the concept that originates from the artist himself and aims to review the idea of a dynamic character. The notion of chimaera interests the artist concerning the possibilities of choice: the interiorization of their life choices and the result that comes from those. So we're looking at an identity chimaera, as the artist's identity is composed of various parts, and therefore he is a kind of modern-day chimaera concerning the time he exists in. The artist chooses and forms the image precisely as he illustrates a path of choices made alongside the mistakes and external obstacles.


Text by Milena Zanetti

Autochimerico, 2021