“Sara Davide’s research revolves around the representation of the three-dimensional object, of the sculptural through photography and an investigation of the subject being captured through the camera lens, as an entity exerting dominance over the photographic medium. The artist observes recurrent patterns while documenting natural and industrial surfaces as the two key practices through which she carries forward her investigation meet.” — Paola Shiamtani autoritratto (self-portrait) is a series of shots representing skin fragments of the author herself. This work tries to reflect on our contemporary time, on the concepts of portraiture and the face as tools for structuring individual identities. The realistic sculptures, made out of silicon and realised with a direct casting technique, give shape to a skin which is then captured as a still life subject. The face in its totality is parcelled out, details gain importance and ambiguity takes over clarity. Photography remediates the sculptures that cannot be assayed by the viewer: the perception of the image superimposes itself on the subject, creating sheer illusion. Humans need to keep faces alive since ancient times, through funeral masks or effigies. The masks make way for photography, as it also operates by imprinting reality on a surface. What does the face represent nowadays? In autoritratto the present remediates the past, while the constant link between media - here mimetically employed - unearths the plurality of the self.

Autoritratto, 2020

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  • Sara Davide, Autoritratto, 2020, photographs glicée print, mounted on aluminium (framed), 50 x 75 cm