Niccolò Di Ferdinando (b. 1999) is an Italian artist currently based in Rome. He obtained a BA in Fine Art (Painting) from ISA Roma2 and is currently studying for an MA in Fine Art at RUFA. In 2019 he created his artistic project entitled ANTIFIGURE, where he gathers his artworks that range from painting to video, installations and audio art. As Di Ferdinando puts it - I have to disobey my projects to create something that I can enjoy; I think of my approach as scientific when creating a new piece - as the shapes begin to occur on the working surface, I am inclined to dismantle everything and start again, it’s a continuous process of adding and taking away. Niccolo works with the limits, as he believes that the most exciting situations occur between total control and the loss of it; his research, therefore, is rooted in error and in the existential question of how much control exists within any action. 


IPERCOSTRUZIONE is the definition of gestural; it’s dynamic, aggressive and unforgiving. The surface of the pictorial plane is scattered with bold, varied marks applied with different tools: foam rollers that simultaneously make the work transparent in some parts and matte, impenetrable in others; palette knife which creates a light impasto effect, supported by the intense hue of crimson red; and finally the light, elegant straight lines of ink that delicately hold the rest of the monumental shapes in place. 

Abstract painting is filled with possibilities for interpretation; that’s one of the aspects that makes it so astonishing; the viewer decides what to see and how to interpret what’s in front of him. The artist has beautifully captured simultaneous lack and presence of control, glorifying the unexpected, the chance and the surprising that goes hand in hand with the most flexible and exciting mediums - oil paint.


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  • Niccolò Di Ferdinando, IPERCOSTRUZIONE, 2020, Oil and ink on paper, 50 x 62,5 cm