Eleonora Rinaldi (1994, Udine) has attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, where she graduated in Painting in 2020. Rinaldi is currently attending the two-year course of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, at the atelier of Professor Di Raco. She takes part in several group exhibitions in 2020, including Combat Prize (Livorno) as a finalist in the Painting section, The Life of Art (Milan) curated by A60 Contemporary Art Space Gallery, The Ark of Noah (Milan) curated by Ex Fabbrica delle Bambole and ArtParmaFair (Parma). 


Intrigued by the tension between forms that inhabit a shared pictorial surface, Eleonora Rinaldi composes environments that require for at-times-unrelated elements to engage in a dialogue. The outcome differs each time, in consonance with the viewer’s gaze and perception of the painterly subjects as Rinaldi pursues an unrestricted, ambiguous visual field. Seeking entryways to different possible dimensions, the artist experiments with the representation of material objects and living organisms in relation to one another, questioning the ways in which at any given point the instinctive or determined artistic choice might give way to shifting definitions and changing dynamics of the painted scenes. There is an external source of light in La Ciotola D’Oro (2021), shining on animal fur in what seems like an otherworldly, nocturnal setting. A second, internal source is a golden bowl that seems like no ordinary object but it appears to be bizarrely illuminating the space around it. Rinaldi partially illustrates the animal’s body in the enigmatic scene, rendering the spectator unsure of whether the creature is aware of the radiant item next to it, our vision restricted by the physical borders of the canvas. The viewer is met with the dilemma of attributing this happening to the sphere of the natural, to symbolism, to the fictitious or to the supernatural.

La Ciotola D’Oro, 2021

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  • Eleonora Rinaldi, La Ciotola D’Oro 2021 oil on canvas 140 x 120 cm