Yarno Piras (1997, Turin) has studied Visual Cultures at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. His works seem to have a direct link with the past. It is the material that suggests the possibilities of transformation and manipulation for the research of the final form; a simple amplification of the primary. This approach becomes concrete with the series of works Grand Bois: the subject is the object in its singular and individual form. The reflection on the attention to containment leads to the concretisation of the intimate dimension through the realisation of the series Petit Bois. The relationship, at first beginning with the self, subsequently extends to the social context, feeding questions about the role of the artist, the value of technique and work; thus was born the series of works Lavoro Forzato. 


A matter of solids and voids. The seat is born from contrasting forces, a balanced tension of a downward thrust and a resistance that pushes upward. Just as the act of inflating is born from an attempt to alter a contrast by forcing the introduction of air through the use of energy. Sitting implies an effort, not so much in letting oneself fall, but in moving and looking for the space you want to occupy. An effort, a force exerted for a displacement, finds its definition in the work, where its resultant becomes a displacement, a change both physical and of the sense of emptiness and fullness. It is the work that certifies and declares fullness. The work Forced Work N.03 is a chair from which the backrest and the top of the seat have been removed and covered on all its surface by air chambers. The chambers intertwine and thanks to the tension that they create, they reconstruct that balancing relationship that allows for one to sit. The chair is connected to four bicycle pumps. To sit is to fill a space or to be filled by the space?

Lavoro Forzato N. 03, 2019

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  • Yarno Piras, Lavoro Forzato N. 03, 2019, aluminium, air chambers + n. 4, pumps variable dimensions