Gianmarco Donaggio, born in Italy, is director of photography, direction, artistic research and image philosophy. He graduated from the art high school of Varese in 2010 and graduated from Bournemouth, England, in 2014 as a cinematographer and director of experimental documentaries. 

Between 2015 and 2020, he mainly lived in Oslo, travelling regularly in Europe and worldwide to collaborate with important cinema contemporary figures. A careful observer of the role of image in society and interested in the evolution of the cinematographic form, he continues his research at the University of Lund in Sweden, specialising in visual cultures.

His art is in the balance between an interest in the formal component of cinema and one

tendency to conceptualise a cinema intended as a poetic atmosphere. Since 2018, his films have taken part in various international film festivals and art exhibitions.

“Manifestarsi” (2021), presented in a world premiere at the 57th International Exhibition of

new cinema in Pesaro, is his debut as an author in the panorama of Italian cinema. The film was born from the microscopic investigation of the material component of posters advertisements posted in Milan.

The author, through a unique perspective, goes beyond the limits of vision by inviting us to fall

in the alienating and enveloping physical structure beyond the mythical surface of the images. The the cinematic result is an atmosphere that is not abstract but relatively informal, where the

matter reflects a visual condition devoid of perspective references on which to base metaphysical foundations: here, the process suspends the essence.

“Manifestarsi” (2021) is part of a series of experiments beginning in 2020, including “Milano di carta” (2020) and “Aria di Attesa” (2021). A hypothetical “material cinema”, one methodology influenced by the current of new materialism and