Alessandro Di Massimo (Italy) is artist who lives and works in Edinburgh. He has lived and worked in Rome for a long time and during his studies of Set Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, he quickly starts moving in the lively underground scene of the capital. Street art, fanzines, political restlessness and the extraordinary beauty of the Eternal city had a great influence on his artistic formation. After graduation, he spent some periods studying and working in various European cities and then settled in Edinburgh in 2013. Recent exhibitions include; Premio Cramum at Villa Bagatti Valsedo, Varedo; The Rise and Fall of Your Chosen Empire at Ltd Ink Corporation, Edinburgh (solo), Acies at The Number Shop, Edinburgh (solo), Refraction at 24hourswindow (part of Glasgow International, solo show), Whole World Working (W.W.W.) at Collective Gallery, Edinburgh.


The following text refers specifically to one of the works in the Terrain series. In each of the of the 4 works; Reciting Italy's National Anthem While Standing On My Head, Trying To Hold Britain Together While Singing “Sympathy For The Devil”, Sixteen Push-ups On Russian Soil and Vaticano, clay originating from the country depicted on the map sculpture was used. The work Reciting Italy's National Anthem While Standing On My Head, which is based on the concept of territory, imagines new ways of manifesting our personal and collective identity in relation to the contemporary context. It involves an improper element - the body - in the traditional geographic semantics of the map; pushing this tool beyond its descriptive function. The map by its nature establishes boundaries, in this case it is used to reconsider them: Are our bodies affected by our boundaries or are our boundaries affected by our bodies? The installation, realised using ceramics, performance, consists of a scale map of the peninsula made out of clay - from an Italian quarry - and a video. During the realisation of the video, the map of fresh clay, comes into contact with the body that imprints its mark on it; the baking will take place afterwards.

PIIGS, 2020

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