Jorinde Fischer was born in 1990 in Schwäbisch Hall and currently lives and works in Berlin. After obtaining a diploma in Visual Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe, she entered the studio of the German artist Jhon Bock with whom, after a year, she obtained a First Level Master's degree. Numerous exhibitions have been held since 2015, including the one held in Berlin in 2020 at the Berlin Masters Foundation, the Berlin Reset, the birds & Richard Gallery and finally at the Enter Art Fair in Copenhagen in 2021. 


Interested in the study of figures and proportions, the artist works mainly with fabrics and steel that she modifies and folds, experimenting with a harmonious play between colours and shapes. Fabrics, elastic bands and industrial products are the starting point of her artistic practice - all highly dynamic elements, shaping and bending to her needs. Anne-Kathrin Segler notes how these qualities contrast with a solid formal rigour visible in the finished work: "the fabrics appear compact or engaged in an organic interaction between folds. Sometimes these bands appear as vertical, sometimes as loose or rolled arches [...] Precision, tactile effect and humour characterize the work of Jorinde Fischer". Fabrics often refer to draping, but they are synthesized and removed from their original form, giving life to new visions and applications, while steel is used as a structure, a suspension element, a weight, profoundly affecting the dynamics of the composition. "The results oscillate wildly, we want to detect an essence in these curtains, breaks, folds, yet we can not, too minimal the training intervention, too rigorous and clear its conception" - Johannes Bierlein. Two works that exemplify her artistic practice are Together_1 and Momentum. In the first one, she uses elastic material placed together in a series of knots, creating a suspended element that takes shape in space through repeated but never equal volumes. The second artwork represents a precise moment of a movement that can only be guessed as it is shown stationary - locked in an instant.


Text by Laura Pieri

TOGETHER_1, 2021

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