Data di iscrizione: 23 feb 2021

Chi sono

Andrea Plaza Carrasco aka Anplac is a Ceramist, Painter, Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur based in France.

She borned in Buenos Aires on August 6, 1976 from Chilean parents.

Her first approach and real interest in Fine Arts was exploring ceramics and studying prehispanic ceramics. She continues to explore the techniques of grès and raku in objects that move between the utilitarian, the illustration and the sculpture.

At the same time she begins to paint murals and then turns the large brushstrokes into recovered fabrics always thinking about nature and specifically about ecology.

In 2010 She started her own independent fashion brand La Coliflor exploring hand made and hand painting clothing looking that her collections were always inspired by nature.

She is currently working on a series called “Art pour Argent” (Art for Money).Expressing an individual vision about cryptocurrency.



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